Natures Blessings is a coconut plantation and processing plant in the Philippines.

Nature's Blessings coconut oil is produced via cold pressing. Coconuts are de husked, grated and the fresh coconut meat is cold-pressed and filtered. Cold pressing retains the enzymes, lauric acid and all the other immune system building nutrients.  Except for picking and opening the nut, there is little human handling in our process.  Stainless steel mechanical equipment is used in order to provide a sanitary controlled environment in the processing plant. The coconut oil is packaged as soon as possible, and no chemicals or preservatives are added. You only get pure unadulterated  VIRGIN COCONUT OIL.

Our Quality control assurance

Every batch of VCO undergoes strict quality control, prior to distribution. We believe that our Virgin Coconut Oil is the best in the market that we are willing to provide FREE samples for you to try. The finished product is strained and carefully filtered straight into the sanitized pet bottles.


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